We do Odoo

Big Projects
Big Projects

We like to think that Odoo can do anything and everything, and combined with our expertise, it normally can. When the complexities of your operations exceed the full power of Odoo, or when you want to leverage even more from your Business System, then you want the benefit of a complete project team and one with some serious Odoo knowledge and experience. 

That's us!

Our professional services team;

  • Helps your team to establish their system requirements

  • Analyses all gaps and weaknesses

  • Breaks down the project into bite-size chunks

  • Designs, plans and communicates

Our technical team;

  • Customises Odoo to meet any and all of your requirements

  • Integrates Odoo to other systems and apps

  • Builds bespoke software as an add-on to Odoo, or as a stand-alone feature

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Out of the Box

Odoo, being a complete suite of software, does pretty much everything you could hope for. Its modular and configurable structure allows it to be used in any industry, without customisation.

Out of the Box solutions are delivered fully configured to your requirements, specific to your industry and complete with all training materials to get you up and running as quickly as possible. 

We suggest using your system for a while, asking for our support and only then to decide on which changes you most need. 

Perfect for SMEs.

We're able to fully-deploy your system within a week, from start to finish. 


Many business processes are as they are only because of the constraints of the current computer systems. Or because there are no computer systems in place. Implementing an ERP system could have significant impact on these business and operational processes - a positive impact.

We work with you to establish which processes can be tweaked to make the most of your planned Business System, before you blow the budget to modify software when you might not need to.

We're all about delivering value in as short a time as possible, with the least risk to your business cashflow. We ask that you spend on only what brings you real business benefit. 


We've saved the most important task for last but we don't leave it for last in your project life-cycle. 

Because we deliver working software quickly and frequently, we train and support you every step of the way. We'd prefer that you don't make changes until you know what your new system can do, so a thorough understanding and knowledge of your system is vital to the success of your project. 

We train on-site, remotely, via video tutorials or using slides, whatever works best for you and for your budget.